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Los 2939 - 239.-240. Auktionen

  • Los : 2939 Seychellen

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    Katalognummer : 135 etc.
    Indian ocean survey flight, Catalina flying boat GUBA 2 was the first civil aeroplane to arrive on Seychelles. This cover was send from Hollandia (Dutch New Guinea) 11-5-1939 to Rose Bay N.S.W. Australia on 3-6 routing Port Hedland/Batavia/Cocos Islands/Diego Garcia/Seychelles/Mombasa were it arrived on 21-6, it returned to the USA via West Africa and Brazil, arriving Los Angeles on 17-8. The cover attracted adhesives and courtesy cancellations, on reverse Cocos cds 12-6-1939, the cover is signed by the navigator Yancey and the radio operator Booth. A very colourful cover!
    Ausruf : 100 EUR
    Zuschlag : 110 EUR