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  • Los : 2950 Singapore

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    Katalognummer : 226 etc.
    RAF goodwill flight 1936, envelope carried on all stages of the flight from Singapore as far as Shanghai. As the flight could not continue to Japan due to the military coup there on 26 February, the cover went on by surface mail and was given an arrival mark at Kooji-Machi post office in Japan on 11 March. The red Japanese characters on the left of the envelope were probably added at the post office as they translate to: Try the British Embassy. The cover is franked at 18 cents and cancelled Singapore 8 February, no reverse markings and signed Joffe 
    Ausruf : 150 EUR
    Zuschlag : 150 EUR

    Los : 2951 Singapore

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    Katalognummer : 256 etc.
    RAF Far East cruise goodwill flight 1936, envelope carried on the first stage of the flight on 10 February from Singapore to Kuching Sarawak, redirected to Taipo Hong Kong and a 3 cent adhesive Sarawak was added and cancelled Kuching. On reverse side arrival cds Victoria Hong Kong 16 Feb., the cover went via Kowloon 17 Feb. to Tai Po 17 Feb. were it was again redirected back to Singapore, it returned via Kowloon 20 Feb. to Victoria 20 Feb. (where the airmail label was cancelled by pencil marks), before returning to Singapore by surface mail 
    Ausruf : 200 EUR
    Zuschlag : 200 EUR
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