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Please note that grading is according to European standards. Minor imperfections such as
very minor hairlines or once cleaned are not always mentioned. When it comes to the quality
of the items the images take priority over the description and grading. In case of an inquiry
about the quality and/or description we will be pleased to provide you with more details.
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  • Los : 5134 Schweden

    Sweden Ulrica (1718-1720), silver medal 1719 on her coronation - Obv: bust right / Rev: winds reveiling crown, by J.C.Hedlinger, 41,5 mm, 31,33 gr. EF
    Ausruf : 200 EUR
    Zuschlag : 2800 EUR

    Los : 5166 Schweden

    Sweden Frederick I (1720-1751), silver medal 1751 on his death - Obv: bust right / Rev: lion ascending on path through clouds, by J.C. Hedlinger, 54 mm EF
    Ausruf : 600 EUR
    Zuschlag : 1700 EUR
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