CORINPHILA veilingen

Conditions of Sale Model cars


1. A buyer’s premium of 25% and € 2 per lot (VAT included) is applicable to all lots. During and after the auction buyers may collect their purchases after the purchase price has been paid in full. For shipment the buyer pays the full amount of the invoice including calculated shipping costs in advance. Payment has to be made within 10 days after the sale.


2. The increments for bidding are in principal:

From  To Bid step
 € 0  € 100  € 5
 € 100  € 200  € 10
 € 200  € 500  € 20
 € 500  € 1,000  € 50
 € 1,000  € 2,000  € 100
 € 2,000  hoger  € 200

The auctioneer has discretion to use other bidding increments.

3. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be the buyer. In the event of any dispute the auctioneer has the right at his discretion to determine the succesful bidder or to re-offer and resell the lot in dispute.

4. The auctioneer has absolute discretion to refuse admission to the auction. Before the sale bidders must complete a registration form. The auctioneer has discretion to refuse bids.


5. The auctioneer has discretion to divide any lot, to combine any two or more lots from the sale, to change the order of lots, to withdraw lots or model cars and to re-offer lots for sale in case of error or dispute.

6. All lots are sold as they are at the moment of the fall of the hammer. The assessments relate to the condition of the model and box. For claims the lots should be returned within 10 days after the date of sale. Lots must be returned in the same condition as they were at the moment of sale.

7. The model cars and boxes are offered in their current state. When the collector has made modifi cations we have described this to the best of our ability with the word customized. We give no guarantee regarding modifi cations not described.

8. Mint – Perfect condition
    Near Mint – Nearly perfect
    Excellent – Hardly been used, small imperfections
    Good Plus – Used with imperfections
    Good – Used with striking imperfections
    Fair – Wear with large imperfections
    Poor – Bad condition with many imperfections

The model cars are described with the utmost care and accuracy to the best of the auctioneer’s ability. We do not bear any responsibility for the descriptions. Using the viewing opportunities and the offered (possibly requested) photos, bidders/buyers must inform themselves of the (unwritten) condition of the goods.


9. Everyone is presumed to have bought for himself, the buyer won't be able to rely upon his mandator.

10. The risk passes to the buyer with the fall of the hammer; title of ownership, however, passes to the buyer only after full payment of the total amount due.

11. Buyers accepting commissions from third parties do so at their own risk and will remain responsible to the auctioneer for the full settlement according to these conditions.

12. Buyers will be charged a late charge of 1% per month or part of a month on the total purchase price if payment in full is not received by the auctioneer in accordance with these conditions of sale. Furthermore the buyer shall be liable for the payment of legal and other costs and expences made for the recovery of the purchase price. The auctioneer has the discretion to put the lot(s) again in auction and resold without any previous notice to the buyer. The defaulting buyer remains liable for the damages, while no right exists if the resale result exceeds the result of the first sale.

13. All model cars etc. that we receive for auction, serve as collateral towards the consigner for any claims or due commissions, incurred expenses, granted advances or on any account whatsoever.

14. Only the Dutch text of the conditions of sale has legal force. In case of disputes, Dutch law is applicable.