CORINPHILA veilingen

Live bidding – in 3 easy steps

Live bidding is a unique service we offer to our clients. New clients are required to register and to request an appropriate credit limit once. Registration for an auction should be done at least 48 hours before the actual auction. If later, access cannot be guaranteed. After approval you will receive a confirmation email which should be confirmed by you.

Technical remarks

You see and hear the auctioneer.  
PLEASE NOTE! Users with the internet browser Google Chrome need to click with the mouse on the auctioneer (display) in order for the sound to activate.  

We recommend using Google Chrome as your internet browser

In case your screen goes to sleeping mode, you can best activate it with your mouse. Pressing the enter or space keys could possibly lead to a bid.

You cannot use the bidding program simultaneously on multiple devices.

Bidding on a tablet or mobile phone is easily possible, but in most cases without sounds from the auction room. This is because most mobile devices don't support Flash.

Windows Vista. Microsoft stopped the support of Windows Vista in 2012. Vista users therefore cannot use Internet Explorer as browser for our live bidding, therefor we recommend using Google Chrome

Follow auctions. If you would like to follow the auction (without bidding), make sure to allow the pop-up to see and hear the auctioneer. 
PLEASE NOTE! Users with the internet browser Google Chrome need to click with the mouse on the auctioneer in the display in order for the sound to activate. 


During the auction, you always see the current lot number with description and possibly a photo, and you will hear the auctioneer as if you are sitting in the auction room yourself. You can place your bid offer via the button <<bid XX euro>>. If you currently have the highest bid, your bid will appear green. You can't overbid yourself, the button will be disabled during this time. When outbid, you can bid again. After the exclamation "Niemand meer dan... niemand meer... verkocht!" (Go... going... gone!) the lot is yours when you have the highest bid. Congratulations! Your purchase is added to

<<your account>>. Also you can ask for a higher credit limit here during the auction.

According to the conditions of sale that are applicable on the auctions, the auctioneer is entitled to correct mistakes in bids and surcharge. In case of concomitant or late bids, the auctioneer decides on fee or re-auction.


  • Do a test to check the technique and sound. For assistance, please contact us at +31 (0)20-624 97 40 or
  • Take into account possible time differences and make sure to have a good internet connection.
  • Possible delays between the auction room and the internet can occur. We advise you to bid as soon as possible.