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In front of you is a special catalogue with a unique collection of well over 3,000 model cars

from a single owner! According to the Dutch miniature car club NAMAC “possibly one of the

largest ones of its kind in the Netherlands.”


Some features of the collection:

- Most models are in excellent to mint quality and almost all with the original box.

- Unique collection with high diversity in age, marque and manufacturer.

- Primary scale 1:43.

- Extraordinary models, including unique ones (only 1 ex. made)!

- Creative collector who built high quality kits.

- Some professional customizations of standard model cars.

- Most important marques: Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes, Alfa

  Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, Nissan, Ford USA, Chevrolet, Holden.

- Most important manufacturers: AMR, BBR, ABC Brianza, Spark, Matrix, Ignition,

  Tecnomodel, Exoto, Heco Modeles.


Descriptions and assessments

The model cars are described with the utter care and accuracy. When the collector has

made modifications this is mentioned with the word customized. The assessments relate to

the condition of the model and box. Yet it may be that we have overlooked something in

describing, for example a modifi cation by the collector. For this we give no guarantee; we

offer the cars in the current state.


More images in the online catalogue! 

In the browsing catalogue you can see one image per lot. In the online catalogue we have

several photos ready for most models. You can also enlarge, download or share these images.

If additional photos are required, you can request these from us at
We especially recommend that you use one of the viewing days


The auction and bidding 

The auction will begin with the Australian and Asian model cars, followed by the European

and will end with the United States.


Bidding can be done:

- in the auction room; 

- written (mail, fax or e-mail);

- via the online catalogue;

- auto-bidding via the online catalogue (the system will execute your bids automatically);

online live bidding with our own bidding program.


For all the online bidding you need to register on our website, 48 hours before the auction

day at the latest. For online live bidding on the auction day, you need to request an additional

credit limit online.


Read the conditions of sale - model cars carefully before participation in the auction. 
We are here to answer your questions.


Wishing you much car pleasure!


Kind regards,

Nathan Bouscher

Managing Director