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Please note that grading is according to European standards. Minor imperfections such as
very minor hairlines or once cleaned are not always mentioned. When it comes to the quality
of the items the images take priority over the description and grading. In case of an inquiry
about the quality and/or description we will be pleased to provide you with more details.
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  • Lot : 5117 France

    France Charlotte-Marie de Montmorency (1594-1650) and Henri II de Bourbon (1588-1646), silver medal 1611 - Obv: bust Henri II right / Rev: bust Charlotte-Marie right, by G.Dupré, 56 mm, 58,73 gr., about EF
    Starting bid : 600 EUR
    Hammer price : 600 EUR

    Lot : 5118 France

    France bronze medal n.d. (1611) - Obv: bust of Louis XIII and his mother Marie de Medici right, by G.Dupré, 49 mm, 34,38 gr., with integrated loop for suspension VF-EF
    Starting bid : 200 EUR
    Hammer price : 280 EUR

    Lot : 5167 France

    France Silver medal, birth of Louis-Joseph, Duke of Burgundy, 1751, by Francois Marteau - Obv: King's bust right / Rev: Vesta presenting the child to France, 41,5 mm. EF
    Starting bid : 200 EUR
    Hammer price : not sold

    Lot : 5186 France

    France Louis XVI, silver jeton n.d., les etats de la Flandre et Wallone - Obv: bust of Louis XVI right / Rev: shields of Lille, Donai and Orchies, 8-sided, 33 mm, Feu 7190 VF
    Starting bid : 40 EUR
    Hammer price : 45 EUR

    Lot : 5189 France

    France Napoleon I, silver medal 1802 on the peace of Amiens - Obv: portrait of Napoleon I left, by Dumarest, 48 mm, Bramsen 195 FDC
    Starting bid : 150 EUR
    Hammer price : 1400 EUR

    Lot : 5192 France

    France Silver medal 1832 on the capture of Antwerp - Obv: portret Louis Philippe left, by E.Gatteaux, 50,5 mm FDC-
    Starting bid : 200 EUR
    Hammer price : 950 EUR

    Lot : 5193 France

    France Silver medal 1832 on the conquest of the citadel of Antwerp - Obv: bust of Louis Philippe facing right / Rev: helmeted woman depicting France above the city of Antwerp / Edge: antique oil lamp stamp, by Bauchery, 51 mm FDC

    Starting bid : 200 EUR
    Hammer price : 1700 EUR

    Lot : 5198 France

    France Silver medal Universal Exposititon 1855 - Obv: bust Napoleon III right / Rev: imperial arms of France surrounded by shields of participating countries, by A.Barre, 60mm EF
    Starting bid : 80 EUR
    Hammer price : 250 EUR
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