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EDITION D'OR vol. 51: Postal services in rural areas of the Netherlands before 1850 • The Hotze Wiersma Collection

article number: 5
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Hotze Wiersma rightfully calls himself a postal historian. He has several publications in his name and was coordinator and co-writer of the PEP books, Parts 1 and 2.

In the fragmented starting point of postal history in the Netherlands the comparatively powerful city set the rules and, in the Republic, that meant Amsterdam. Services for the rural population were for a long time unprofitable, and thus, absent. The development of postal services in rural areas of the Netherlands over a period of 270 years is exquisitely shown by Wiersma in a philatelic-scientific manner.

160 pages, of which 128 are full-colour plates showing pages from the collection, hardbound with dust jacket, bilingual in English and Dutch, collection pages in Dutch. English collection pages (digital) upon request.