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Online live bidding

Live bidding in our auction is easy and exciting!

Online live bidding is a unique service we offer to our clients. New clients are required to register and to request an appropriate credit limit once. Registration for an auction should be done at least 48 hours before the actual auction. If later, access cannot be guaranteed. In our manual you find the instructions and tips.

You can also follow the auction without registration (no bidding).

You see and hear the auctioneer. As a pop-up when following the auction.

PLEASE NOTE! If you don't hear sound please click with the mouse on the auctioneer in order for the sound to activate. 

   - If your screen goes into “sleep” mode, you can best activate it with your mouse.
     Pressing the enter or space keys could possibly lead to a bid.
   - You cannot use the bidding program simultaneously on multiple devices.
We recommend to use Google Chrome as your internet browser.

Live bidding

Follow auction
Live bidding!