CORINPHILA veilingen


Nathan Bouscher

Managing Director | Auctioneer

Employed since 2013.

Mimi Garritsen
Finance & Administration


Employed since 2011.

Gerard Vink
Senior Philatelist


Registered valuer Federatie TMV

Specialisations: North and South America, China, Netherlands and former colonies, dot cancellations.
Privately collects USA and dot cancellations.
Employed since 2005 (since 1995 in stamps).

Martin Bronkhorst

Senior Philatelist

SpecialisationsEngland and colonies, Netherlands and colonies, cancellations and varieties.
Privately collects England and Michiel de Ruyter.

Employed since 1997.


Gerard Garritsen

Senior Philatelist | Auctioneer

Privately collects picture postcards from Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Curaçao.

Specialisation: Japanese occupation of Dutch East Indies

Employed 1974-2016. Freelance since 2016. 


Henk Vleeming

Senior Philatelist

A.I.E.P. Expert for Netherlands 
and colonies (stamps, cancellations and postal history), Indonesia till 1965.
Specialisation: Postal history.
Privately collects a.o. Peru. 

Employed since 2010 (since 1977 in stamps).

Hugo Brieffies

Junior Philatelist

Privately collects Postal History West-Friesland (West Frisia), night hour interval cancellations and Social Philately (covers with a story, mainly Netherlands and colonies) 
Employed since 2018.

Cathelijne de Groot

Junior Philatelist

Privately collects Persia.
Employed 2018-2020. Freelance since 2020.

Jack Speijer

Specialisations: Coins Netherlands and colonies, medals.

Privately collects medal-art and Hundertwasser stamps.

Employed since 2004.

Pieter le Clercq

Picture postcards Expert


Active for 30 years in the picture postcards business.

Employed since 1989.


Els Spoelstra

Auction employee

Employed since 1974.


Peter Koorn
Auction employee

Privately collects Europe before 1940.

Employed since 2017.

Jan Spoelstra

Privately collects trains.

Employed since 1974.

Loes van Voornveld

Office Manager

Employed since 2021.