Below we outline the procedure from the consignment of material to payment of the proceeds of the auction, so that you know what is happening to your stamps when in our hands.


  A valuation of your collection of stamps, coins and picture postcards is free of charge and without
  any obligation. You are welcome to bring your material to our office in Amstelveen, near
  Amsterdam, on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm. 

  Our experienced specialists can often asses the value of your collection in a short period of time.
  During this appointment, our valuers will give you an explanation to their valuation. In special
  instances we can come to your home to collect the consignment.



When the material is worthy for auction and you decide to consign with us you will receive a receipt with the appraised value. This appraisal is the estimated value your consignment represents. From the time of acceptance, your collection is, incidentally, fully insured by us for this value. If you wish, you can request an advance on the auction results.


One of our experts will be assigned to describe and lot your collection. Our auction house lots collections in such a way that it is the most interesting for the potential buyer / collector and for you as a consignor leads to high results; single items are taken from collections and separately described, other parts are split or combined.

After the allotment is completed - at least one month prior to the auction - we will send you a consignment list. In this list you will find all lot numbers that belong to your consignment with the corresponding starting prices. These numbers correspond to the lot numbers in the catalogue.



About four weeks before the auction our full colour catalogue is sent to thousands of active customers at home and abroad. As a consignor you will receive a personal copy. In addition to the printed version, our complete catalogue is online and we will promote it on various collection auction sites. This allows interested collectors all over the world to find and study our offer 24/7. The online catalogue offers a significantly greater amount of scans as well as scans of certificates and findings of experts. Depending on the value or interest of our customers we also put images of entire collections online.



Before the auction we offer interested buyers the opportunity to view all lots under supervision at our premises in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam. Dealers and collectors can examine the stamps, coins and picture postcards and decide on their bids.



Our international auctions are held twice a year, in the spring and autumn. Each auction consists of four daily sessions. The auction itself will take place in the auction room in our building.

Interested buyers can bid in person or send in their written bids. We also offer the possibility for live bidding over the internet. More and more customers at home and abroad gladly use our own bidding program. Our auctions are public, you are welcome to attend the auction or to follow it from behind your computer.


In the week after the auction we give collectors and dealers the opportunity to buy the unsold lots against the starting price. By far the most lots are sold at our auctions. If one or more lots remain unsold, we will include it in our following auction. We do not charge any commission for unsold lots.

The commission is deducted from the auction results. We charge a 20% commission and a 2 euro fee per lot (incl. VAT). In exceptional cases, for special collections or charities, we can deviate from this percentage. The commission relates to the hammer price, the result your material ultimately reaches.

Two weeks after the auction you will receive a sales note, in which we inform you about your overall results. Within approx. five weeks we will then pay you the net proceeds from the auction, either by bank transfer or in cash.